Update Your Contact List

Add: God.

Lately, I have been having a lot of uneasy feelings. These feelings are not even about a certain particular thing, just life in general I guess. Shootings, violence, weather disasters, anger, and just complete madness. All over.

I feel a lot of dark energy is in the air. I feel there is a lot of evil in the world and it’s getting worse. I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer, these are just my feelings and observations.

I do not get all of my information from the mainstream media. I rely more on real life interactions. What I hear people say. The arguments, the anger, the betrayals, the hate — I see it. I hear it. I feel it. And I’m not just referring to what is going on in my personal life, I’m referring to what I witness all around me.

Here’s a few of them:

There was a woman in the super market and she was being waited on at the lunch meat section. She had a child with her, who was biracial. The woman behind the counter said, “I love her hair in a ponytail it’s beautiful.” I assumed that this woman was a regular known customer because the worker spoke as if she had seen them before. Suddenly, the Mother became very upset and started yelling at the woman, “don’t say that to her, why would you tell her that? Now she’s going to think her hair didn’t look nice when it wasn’t in a ponytail. Are you saying that because she’s not pure white, and her hair is puffy?”

The woman behind the counter was speechless. She didn’t understand what she did wrong. She kept apologizing to the woman telling her “I didn’t mean anything derogatory by what I said, I just thought her hair looked cute today, that’s all.” And the mother told her to think before she spoke next time.

When the mother got her lunch meat and walked away, one of the other workers said, “just ignore her, she does this a lot when she comes in here, she starts unnecessary arguments with people.”

I couldn’t help but notice this poor Mother and the anger I saw in her eyes. She didn’t appear happy at all. She looked angry and unpleasant. Her child looked the same. Not really smiling much. I felt like going over and giving them both a hug. Our paths did cross in the produce isle. She looked at me and I gave her a little smile.

I couldn’t help but to wonder what she may be going through in her life.

You just never know.

I witness children being so mean and vindictive to each other. Their lives are lived through social media. They barley know how to interact with one another, it’s quite frightening. They seem very angry and sad.

Their parents are too busy with their own lives that they rarely ever sit down with their children and just talk to them, about anything. Instead, they countdown the days to when they return to school. They celebrate their return by posting pictures on social media of them having alcoholic beverages or going on a shopping spree and treating themselves because you know, it’s hard work and draining to be around your children all summer long that you need to reward yourself right? 🙄

Sometimes this makes me sad because I wonder what the children must be feeling who may be witnessing their parents back to school celebrations.

Maybe this is why our youth are so fixated on their phones?

And don’t even get me started on politics and religious views and how the division and tension is so thick today. People have lost family members and friends over this. It’s so sad. It’s okay to have views but don’t let opposing views with family and friends separate you. It’s just not worth it. You all walk away sad and upset but do you think these politicians and religious leaders are losing sleep at night? I highly doubt it.

My final thought:

Everything I just wrote, and believe me I could keep going and going but I try not to overwhelm and lose my readers, but everything I just wrote sums up to one thing (in my opinion) and that is: losing contact with God.

We are taking God out of our lives. We don’t call Him when we need Him anymore. We don’t’ know Him. We don’t feel His presence in our lives. When good things happen, we say “oh the positive energy is surrounding us” whereas several years ago, when God wasn’t being forced out of our lives, we may have said, “Thank you God, for your blessings.” When bad things happen in our lives we’ll blame it on the negative energy, whereas before we may have said, “God, I’m calling you and I need you.”

I believe there are positive and negative energies that surround us. I do believe there are toxic people in our lives that may bring us down constantly but yet we feel we have to keep being around them for whatever reason. I believe that when many bad things happen to us we are quick to say “there is no God.”

I believe that some of us are so used to having so many blessings in our lives and instead of being grateful and thankful to God for these things, we’re boastful about our blessings but then when something bad happens we quickly shutdown and don’t know how to react. Or we react with anger.

I believe in balancing the good and the bad. But I believe, wholeheartedly, that GOD is who we need in our lives. We have so many people who we call when good things and bad things happen. But GOD should be the first number on our contact list. Actually, he should be on speed dial.

Perhaps, we may have lost His number? If so, it may be time for us to update our contact list.

Just a child of God, sharing His words. BoC17